Birmingham City University Libraries impose penalties to ensure that library material is available for other borrowers. If material cannot be returned on time, please contact the library as soon as possible. A renewal may be permitted subject to the item loan type and it is not required by another borrower.

The fines are:-

1. Four hour loans/discretionary loans/overnight  and weekend loans   75p per hour or part of hour

2. Day loans                            75p per day

3. Week loans                        75p per day

4. Two week loans                 40p per day

5. Normal loans                      10p per day

6. Recalled loans                   75p per day

 The maximum fine is 10.00 per item.  Fines apply throughout the vacation periods

Due Today, Overdue and Recall notices are sent to your university email address.  If you have an overdue item or unpaid fine you will temporarily lose your borrowing rights. These rights will be restored once your account is clear.

Anyone keeping items 28 days or more overdue will lose their borrowing rights until the items are returned and fines are paid. Please note that the replacement cost and overdue charges for items kept past 28 days will be passed to the University Finance Department to pursue which may result in legal proceedings. 

Week loan laptops have a fine of 5 per day or part thereof and the maximum fine for laptops is 25.

Fines may be paid in cash, by cheque (supported by a cheque guarantee card) or by debit/ credit card in person or by phone. Fines over 5.00 may be paid online via iCity. Cheques should be made payable to Birmingham City University.

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