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Personal tutorial support

All Birmingham City University students can take advantage of the personal tutorials offered by the Centre for Academic Success to discuss any aspect of your academic work which might be causing concern. For example, we can give guidance and advice on assignment and dissertation writing, crtical analysis skills, making presentations, referencing issues and time management. You will need to book an appointment in advance. Tutorials are held daily at City North and TEE, but also at the Conservatoire and Gosta Green: please enquire at the respective faculties about when these are available.

Tutorials last for 30 minutes, or 45 minutes at TEE. It may be possible to have a double appointment, but the second slot can only be booked provisionally, and will be given to another student if there are no other appointments available.

What we can do with you in the tutorials

We can look at a few pages of a piece of written work in progress and make suggestions on, for example, how to improve basic grammar, spelling and punctuation; how to structure your work appropriately (for example, how to write effective introductions and conclusions); how to use sources and make references correctly or how to interpret what your tutors want you to do in the assignment.

We can also give you advice on reading techniques; general approaches to your studies such as time management; exam preparation and techniques; research methods and critical analysis skills ... in fact, anything related to your studies.

What we can't do with you in the tutorials

We cannot simply proofread, or "check", a finished piece of work for you. Instead, we prefer to look at your first draft or to discuss with you what is expected in the assignment. We aim to help you develop as a learner and expect that you will make the improvements suggested in the tutorial yourself.

We cannot comment on the subject matter of an assignment; this needs to be discussed with your subject tutors.

How to make an appointment

Tutorials at City North need to be booked online.

To book a tutorial at Millennium Point please ring 0121 202 2500 or email.

We are usually very busy, so do not leave it to the last minute to book an appointment. At least a week in advance is advised.

If you cannot attend an appointment, please let us know as far in advance as possible. If you do not let us know and miss an appointment, a record will be made of this, and if repeated, we may decline to make further appointments with you.

If you want to discuss a written assignment, please print out your work before you come for the tutorial.

Dyslexic students

If you have been diagnosed as being dyslexic, we can offer you the same sort of support we give to all students.

If you think you may be dyslexic you should contact , or on 0121 331 6112, who will arrange an initial screening for you.

Email tutorials

Although face-to-face personals tutorials are preferable, it may be possible in certain circumstances for you to arrange to send some of your written work by email for comments from one of our tutors.

Please indicate this when making an appointment.

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