Rules and Regulations


1.            The Regulations

            The regulations are intended to enable the best use and fairest distribution to be made of Birmingham City University’s library resources.


2.            Access to library facilities

2.1          Library card

               Your library card is the key to accessing library services. It is your personal property and responsibility. You may not allow any other person to use your card. You will be held responsible for all items borrowed with your card even if they were borrowed by or on behalf of another user. Should your library card be used by anyone other than yourself to gain access to the Kenrick Library, the card will be held by the Library until you claim it.

                If your card is lost or stolen you should inform Library and Learning Resources immediately. You will be held responsible for material borrowed on the card until Library and Learning Resources is informed officially.

               You must carry your library card with you at all times and be prepared to show it on request. Services may not be provided without it.

               Acceptable alternatives must include:

                · Two official proofs of name with at least one of these providing proof of address.

                ·     One form of ID with photograph.

2.2         Access to Reference and Borrowing facilities

2.2.1      All current members of the University may use the libraries for reference and study.  Members of the general public may also use the libraries for reference and study on application to the Director of Library and Learning Resources.

2.2.2     All current members of the University, whether staff or students, full or part-time, are entitled to borrow from the libraries.

2.2.3      Members of the public may only borrow material if they enrol as external borrowers of the library and pay an annual subscription. There are reductions for anyone who has undertaken a Birmingham City University course.

2.2.4      Borrowing rights will also be available to teaching staff and research, postgraduate, part-time, distance and placement students from other Universities as defined in the SCONUL Access Scheme. 

2.3         Electronic Information Services

               The Library catalogue is available without restriction. Only current members of the University may use the electronic information resources.

                (Note: Members of the Library through the SCONUL Access scheme are not eligible to use the electronic information resources).

2.4         University Network

              All users of network information must abide by the rules set out in the “Conduct of Use of Computer Systems and Networks of Birmingham City University".  (See Appendix)


3.           Conduct in the library

3.1          Library staff have authority to maintain good order in the library. If you behave in an unacceptable manner, or infringe the regulations, the Director of Library and Learning Resources may exclude you from the library or suspend you from its use.

3.2         You are required to treat the library environment with respect and the library staff with respect and courtesy.  Should any incident be reported, Library and Learning Resources may pursue the matter under the University Student Disciplinary procedures. You may be excluded from the Library whilst this process is underway.

3.3         You should observe silence and quiet group working in appropriate designated areas. 

3.4         You are not permitted to smoke in the Libraries.

3.5         Only cold drinks in sealed containers and cold snacks may be consumed in the libraries. No hot drinks or hot food are permitted. All rubbish must be placed in the bins provided.

3.6         You should switch your mobile phones to silent at all times. Allowing a mobile phone to ring and/or holding a phone conversation outside designated areas is not permitted in the Libraries. 

3.7         You may bring children into any of the University Libraries. You must supervise children at all times to ensure their safety and to prevent other users being disadvantaged. In addition, children are not allowed to use Library PCs.


4.           Library users' personal property

4.1         Neither Library and Learning Resources nor the University authorities accept responsibility for the loss of any personal property left in the libraries.

4.2         You may not leave property on chairs and tables to reserve a place in your absence.  Any such property may be removed by the University staff to make room for other Library users.


5.            Registration

               If you wish to borrow materials you must provide evidence of your eligibility to do so.

5.1          Students   Students are automatically registered when they enrol.

5.2          Full-time staff   Members of the full-time staff will be required to produce evidence of their post in the University, for example,       employee number.

5.3         Visiting Teachers   Visiting teaching staff will be required to produce evidence of their post in the University, for example, a letter from their Faculty

5.4         Anyone wishing to register as fee exempt or reduced fee external borrowers must produce evidence of their eligibility to do so.

               Before being allowed to borrow, you must register in the library by completing a registration form.  This entitles you to borrow from any of the University’s libraries. It is your responsibility to notify the library of any change of address or name.


6.         Borrowing

6.1         Borrowing entitlement

6.1.1      Staff and students may normally borrow up to 20 books at any one time

6.1.2      External borrowers may borrow up to 4 items at any one time.

6.2         Recording of loans

6.2.1      All material borrowed from a University library must be issued and returned via the self-service machines or by a member of Library staff. Receipts, where given, should be retained.

6.2.2       It is an offence to vandalise or to remove library material that has not been issued officially.  The following actions may be taken:

·         Proceedings under the University Student Disciplinary procedures.

· Prosecution for criminal damage to property.

· Charging for damage caused to publications.

6.2.3      You must return or renew material on or before the date due for return.

6.2.3      It is your responsibility to make certain that material borrowed is returned to the Library.

6.3         Period of loan

6.3.1      Normal loan material is issued to students for four weeks and to members of staff for ten weeks. Music from the Conservatoire Library is issued for one term. 

6.3.2      High demand material is restricted to shorter periods of loan. 

6.3.3      Fines will be charged if items are not returned by the given due date.

6.3.4      Library materials on loan may be renewed provided the item is not a high demand item or seriously overdue and that it has not been reserved by another library user.  You may renew loans in person, via telephone, e-mail or the Library catalogue.

6.4         Overdue books

6.4.1      If you retain overdue items you will be invoiced by the University for the cost of replacing the item.

6.4.2      Library borrowing rights may be withdrawn in certain circumstances, for example, when fines have been incurred or when library material is very overdue.  Following the loss of borrowing rights, you will be unable to borrow library materials until overdue items have been returned.

6.4.3      It is a condition of enrolment and re-enrolment that you accept full responsibility for the payment of all fees you incur while registered as a student at the University including Library fees and services. By signing your enrolment form you indicated that you accepted this responsibility and agreed to be bound by the University’s regulations.

6.5         Return of library material at the end of each session

6.5.1      Term loans must be returned to one of the University’s libraries by the end of term.

6.5.2      Library materials may be borrowed for the ensuing summer vacation provided that the borrower is returning for the following session to continue studying on an organised course.

6.5.3      If you fail to return library materials on completion of the course, your qualification certificate may be withheld.


7.         Special categories of material

7.1         Reference material, including journals and newspapers are for use in the libraries only and are not to be taken away. 

7.2         For material in short-term loan or High Demand collections special regulations apply and these are available in the libraries concerned.


8.         Inter-library loans

               In addition to the general rules governing the loan of library materials, items borrowed from other libraries may also be subject to special conditions imposed by the library which owns them.


9.         Care of books and other library materials

               You are responsible for all library materials taken out on your ticket.  Annotation and marking of library materials is prohibited.

               You should report the loss or damage to material at once to the University Library concerned, and you may be asked to pay for the replacement or repair of the item.


10.        Copyright

               You should ensure that any copying of material done on Library photocopiers is carried out in compliance with current Copyright Acts, the terms of which are outlined alongside all photocopying machines. Users of electronic services should ensure that any material obtained is required solely for their own use for non-commercial research or private study, and they will not supply a copy to any other person.

               The amount which may be copied is indicated below:

· one article from any one journal issue or in a set of conference proceedings

· one chapter or up to 5% (whichever is greater) of a book or similar publication

· one poem or short story of up to 10 pages from an anthology

· the report of one case in law reports.

· no photocopying of sheet music is allowed.

Under the EU directive on Copyright any copying for commercial research purposes has been removed from the so called "exceptions to copyright". If you require a copy for research for commercial purposes, you must pay a copyright royalty as well as pay the cost of making a copy.


11.        Library Closing

               Library and Learning Resources reserves the right to close libraries at times other than those published, for example, in periods of adverse weather conditions.


12.          Emergency Procedures

                Birmingham City University has established procedures to deal with emergencies.  For your own safety and the safety of other clients, please obey instructions issued by Library and Learning Resources staff either face to face or via the public address system.



October 2012